Reasons Why Mental Health Is Important


Mental health is the absence of a mental disorder or a state of being that includes social, psychological, and emotional factors that further impact a person’s mental state and ability to function in an environment.

Negative Impact On Physical Health 

For example stress, a common mental health problem, is correlated with obesity, severe headaches, high blood pressure, etc. Therefore, if you want to maintain good physical health do not neglect your mental health.

Mental Health Impacts Your Sleep 

Mental health issues like anxiety & depression may lead to sleep disturbances. You may also find yourself waking up at night if you’re under extreme stress. And not getting ample sleep can make you feel tired the entire day and can further aggravate mental stress. 

Mental Health Drains Energy 

Mood disorders like depression are commonly associated with decreased energy levels. It is no wonder that some people, even after getting ample sleep, feel low, sluggish, and drained.  

Mental Health Impacts  Your Body  

Research shows that people suffering from neck/head cancer exhibiting depression symptoms showed reduced likeliness of survival as compared to the individuals who had better mental health. It can be deduced that taking care of your mental health can contribute in a positive way to recovery.  

Mental Health Impacts Productivity At Work 

Poor mental health can impact job performance, engagement at work, communication, and overall productivity in a negative manner. The research shows that depression interferes with an individual’s ability to do physical jobs about 20% of the time. 

Mental Health Impacts Your Mood 

Your mind is directly related to how you feel, think, act, and also your mood. So, if you’re suffering from a mental health issue, you may find yourself feeling increased sadness or irritability. And the opposite is true, too, which means if your mental health is in a good state, you’ll experience more happiness.  

Mental Health Can Impact Your Relationships

When you experience poor mental health, you are not the only one suffering. Your family suffers too. The change in mood, withdrawal and interest in activities (to list a few) can make it difficult for you to maintain the relationship you once had with those closest to you.