Trick your brain

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You can trick your brain into thinking that happiness is a state of mind with one single gesture: a smile. Indeed, there are several studies showing that smiling sends positive feedback to the brain, even when you're forcing it!

Count your blessings

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When we feel down, it’s easy to focus on what we don’t have and think we’ll be happy when we get it. Instead, think about the things you already have that make life precious. And don’t just think about them, write them down.

Start your day the right way

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Instead of starting the day in a rush, set the alarm 10 or 15 minutes before your usual wake-up time and get in the habit of meditating. With some practice, this will give you greater clarity so you can appreciate the best things in life and become stronger in the face of adversity.

Change perspective

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The metaphor is obvious: looking at things from a different “altitude” can make us perceive the world in a different way. It may take lots of practice, but once you get good at it, you’ll realise that happiness is a state of mind that relies on your perspective

Cut down sources of unhappiness

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Happiness is a state of mind that must be nourished with good habits, and spending too much time on social media is not one of those. For many people, social networks are a source of unhappiness and insecurity and can contribute to feelings of depression.